Electrical product recalls

If an electrical product is unsafe and likely to cause injury or damage property, it will be recalled as soon as possible.

Unsafe products are usually recalled by the responsible supplier—the Australian legal entity who imported the product. Consumers are then able to return the product for a refund, replacement or modification, or they may be requested to dispose of it.

Find products that have been recalled

Check electrical appliances and equipment in your home that may be under a recall on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's website Product Safety Recall Australia.

Recalled items should not be used as they might cause electric shock, fire or property damage.

Prohibition Notices

The Electrical Safety Office may prohibit the sale, use or installation of equipment that has been determined to be not electrically safe. Current notices include:

Report unsafe electrical equipment to the Electrical Safety Office.

More information

For more information about safety recall guidelines, download the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council's Electrical Equipment safety recall guide.

Don’t do your own electrical work.