Hiring electrical equipment

If you're hiring electrical equipment to use around the home, make sure the equipment has been tested and tagged. The hire company must inspect the equipment before each hire or have a safety switch connected to the equipment.

Safety tips

  • Choose the right equipment for the job - don’t use indoor equipment outdoors, don’t use electrical equipment in the rain or allow equipment not designed to operate when wet be exposed to rain or water spray.
  • If the equipment has a permanently attached safety switch, press the safety switch test button to make sure it's working before you use it.
  • Do not defeat guarding over moving parts or operate equipment without securing parts as required by the instructions for use. If a part gets jammed, disconnect the equipment from the power outlet before unjamming.
  • Do not repair damaged or broken equipment – return it to the hire place for repair.
  • If you hire gardening equipment for trimming trees, look out for overhead power lines and the electricity service line to your home.
  • Follow all safety warnings and instructions from the manufacturer (safety instructions should be provided with the equipment when it is hired). Make sure you understand the risk of the electrical equipment you are using before use.
  • Wear appropriate personnel protective equipment (PPE) for the job – for example, depending on the type of equipment being used that may include c safety glasses, ear plugs/muffs, face mask, long sleeved cotton shirts, long pants or enclosed shoes.
  • Make sure the power outlet you plug the equipment into has a safety switch protecting it (and press the test button to check it's working). If the circuit doesn’t have a safety switch then use a portable safety switch and test it.

Report unlicensed or dangerous electrical work to the Electrical Safety Office.