Infinity electrical cables

Electrical cable supplied by Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd and sold under the brands Infinity and Olsent was recalled in 2014 because it didn’t meet electrical safety standards due to poor quality plastic insulation coating. The national recall meant cable installed in buildings and homes had to be replaced to prevent electric shock and fires.

Infinity electrical cable can’t be sold or installed in Queensland. This includes all brands of cable imported, sold or distributed by Infinity Cable Co Pty Ltd, of all sizes, configurations and models of 'polymeric insulated electrical cable' which is PVC sheathed or PVC insulated.

Infinity cable was most commonly used to fix wire socket outlets and lights behind walls and in roof spaces. It does not include computer/data cable or TV cable (coaxial cable) or speaker wire.

Infinity cable

Why is the product prohibited?

The PVC material used as insulation on the cable is not a suitable compound and does not comply with Australian safety standard ageing tests.

While there is no immediate safety risk to householders, current testing shows that Infinity cable is likely to deteriorate faster than standard cable. It will go brittle over time or if exposed to elevated temperatures and will crack if disturbed.

Who should I contact?

If you are concerned that Infinity cable may have been used in your home, contact your builder or licensed electrician for an inspection.

If the affected cable is identified, a risk assessment will help determine the timeframe before it should be replaced, based around factors such as:

  • the ambient temperatures the cable is exposed to
  • the duration of any higher temperature exposure
  • the electrical loading on the cable
  • the location of the cable.

As each installation is different, each assessment will be unique.

More information

Further information is available at Product safety recalls Australia

Information about refunds and warranties is available from the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission or contact the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

Information for electrical workers.