Electrical safety outside the home

Powerlines and underground cables

Overhead powerlines and service lines Powerlines can be difficult to see, even on bright sunny days and more so in low light, rain, cloudy weather, or at dawn or dusk.

Planting and trimming vegetation

If you’re planting crops and plants on your property you should first check for overhead powerlines and avoid planting under or near them.

Private power poles

Some homes in Queensland have poles within their property boundaries that connect to the electricity network.

Electrical hazards in regional and rural communities

Electrical hazards on rural properties often involve contact between machinery or irrigation pipes with overhead powerlines. Other causes of electrical incidents include a general lack of electrical equipment maintenance, not having safety switches installed on all circuits and DIY electrical work.

Respect the power

Electricity can arc (or jump) from powerlines to you and your tools - the impact can be instant and lethal.

Switch on to electrical safety

Electricity is all around us, flowing through our homes to power up our equipment and machinery. But do you know how to protect yourself from the dangers of electricity?