Private power poles

Some homes in Queensland have poles within their property boundaries that connect to the electricity network. These poles are owned by you as part of the property – and it's your responsibility to regularly check and maintain the poles.

Power poles

A safety inspection is recommended every five years by a licensed electrician with experience in checking property poles.

Maintenance is needed because the base of the poles can rot, rust or be damaged by termites, and the pole may lean or fall over, which can cause injury or damage to surrounding property. A fallen pole that brings down the powerline supplying electricity to your home is dangerous, as well as inconvenient.

Look out for:

  • poles leaning excessively
  • evidence of rotting or corrosion at ground level or just below
  • electrical fittings or wires pulling away from the pole or broken
  • cross arms splitting, loose or sagging.

In most cases the condition of a pole can only be assessed by an experienced person as it may not show any visible defects. If you suspect the pole is in poor condition, use a licensed electrician to check and repair it.

Here are some quick tips to be aware of:

  • Regular inspection of the base of the pole is needed to make sure there is no decay, sign of termites, rust or other damage.
  • If your pole has a crossarm (a structure attached near the top of the pole that supports the powerline) check that it appears to be in good condition, but only do so from the ground.
  • If you see a fallen powerline, stay well clear and call triple zero (000).
  • Trees growing into or near powerlines are dangerous. They can bring down powerlines or interrupt your electricity supply. Generally, clearing trees away from privately owned powerlines is the responsibility of the property owner. Always contact a professional arborist or tree pruning specialist to carry out the work.

Rental properties with a private power pole

It is important you notify the property owner or your rental agent immediately if you think a power pole or powerline on the property you are renting requires maintenance or repair.

If the property owner or your rental agent does not take prompt action to ensure the pole or powerline is restored to a serviceable condition, please call your electricity supplier.

More information

Contact your local licensed electrician, or: