Protect your kids from electrical danger

Around two in every five Queensland households have children living there.

Electricity can be a big risk for little people, so we’ve published resources to help parents and teachers protect kids from electrical risks.

For parents

Find out how to protect your kids from electric shocks around the home – download the 9 ways to make your home a safe zone for you and your child (PDF, 352.73 KB) fact sheet.

For kids

Help kids learn about staying safe around electricity with this fun chatterbox (PDF, 1139.79 KB). Also known as a paper fortune teller, this hands-on activity features simple electrical safety messages, like turning off the power at the wall before plugging in electronics, never using broken chargers, and keeping electrical devices away from water.

And for older kids and teens the Playing it safe with your device (PDF, 1497.29 KB) fact sheet teaches mobile and tablet users how to protect themselves – and their beloved device.

Electrical safety with The Wiggles

We’ve partnered with The Wiggles to deliver life-saving electrical safety messages for kids and their families.

More information

Is your home also a workplace? Find out how to protect your kids

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For parents
9 ways to make your home a safe zone for you and your child
For kids
Fun chatterbox
For teens
Play it safe