Electrical equipment

Buying and using electrical equipment

Keeping your electrical equipment safe and in good working order will help protect you and your family. Electrical equipment includes both plug-in appliances like washing machines, hair dryers, TVs or power tools, as well as hard-wired equipment like hot water systems and air-conditioning units.

Hiring electrical equipment

If you're hiring electrical equipment to use around the home, make sure it's been tested and tagged. The hire company must inspect the equipment before each hire or have a safety switch connected to the equipment.

Christmas lights

Before you start decorating, there are some important safety tips to be aware of, to ensure your Christmas doesn't end in disaster.

Clothes dryers

While householders can clean the lint filter, exhaust duct, vent and the exterior of clothes dryers, only a licensed electrician can maintain and clean the interior of the dryer.


Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning can kill, so never run generators indoors! Generators can produce high levels of CO, and like electricity, cannot be seen or smelt. If you feel sick, dizzy or weak using a generator, move away immediately and get some fresh air.

Electrical product recalls

If an electrical product is unsafe and likely to cause injury or damage property, it will be recalled as soon as possible.

Kerryn's story

Kerryn O'Connor was just 35 years old when she was electrocuted by a submersible water pump she was using in the backyard of her Townsville home.