Information for workers

Private power poles

Some homes have poles within their property boundaries that connect to the electricity network. These poles are owned by you as part of the property – and it's your responsibility to regularly check and maintain them.

Planting and trimming vegetation

If you’re planting crops and plants on your property you should firstly check for overhead powerlines and avoid planting under or near them. Electricity can jump….a long way, so if you’re using machinery it’s important to implement exclusion zones around powerlines. 

Respect The Power - at work

Touching them or straying into exclusion zones could severely hurt or kill you or your entire crew.

Overhead powerlines and underground cables

Before you begin work outside your home, like cleaning your pool or tidying the garden, check for overhead powerlines and service lines (connected to the house), especially if you’re using long objects or ladders.

Respect the power

Electricity can arc (or jump) from powerlines to you and your tools - the impact can be instant and lethal.

Electrical safety in rural Queensland

Electrical incidents in the rural industry often involve contact between machinery or irrigation pipes with overhead powerlines. Other causes of electrical incidents include general lack of electrical equipment maintenance and unauthorised electrical handy-work.