Overhead powerlines and underground cables

Overhead powerlines and service lines

Before you begin work outside your home, like cleaning your pool or tidying the garden, check for overhead powerlines and service lines (connected to the house), especially if you’re using long objects or ladders.

If you’re cleaning gutters or painting the facia or bargeboards, keep well away from the service line. While these lines are usually insulated, the insulation may

become brittle with age and a simple knock may cause it to break away and expose live wires.

If a service line is damaged or falls to the ground, stay away from it and contact:


South East Queensland – Sunshine Coast to Esk and Gatton areas

13 19 62

Essential Energy

Goondiwindi and surrounding areas

13 20 80

Ergon Energy

Rest of Queensland

13 16 70

Dial before you dig

If you are excavating or digging on your property where there may be underground electric lines, always check where they are located before you start.

As a guide:

  • Look for electrical equipment that has electrical conduits running down external walls into the ground.
  • Check the switchboard or meter box for a diagram indicating where any incoming electricity supply lines are located.
  • Carefully dig down to the cable depth (typically 500 mm) until you have confirmed its location. Be especially careful digging on footpaths as many different services may be located there, including high voltage underground cables.

More information

Download the powerline safety planning tool or call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or visit 1100.com.au.

Look up and live

Working safely near powerlines (PDF, 786 KB)
Working safely near powerlines